“Present is Love” — ARTĒ Madrid


Born in Spain with an enchanting form, ARTĒ signifies art permeated with pronounced augmentations of passion, noble glamour and vogue. In Spanish, ARTĒ means art, the way in which people express their ideas, feelings and novelty. It signifies a word of faith, passion and intelligence. ARTĒ's design philosophy inscribes love, possession and livelihood, which naturally reveal an exquisite blend between classic designs and modern craftsmanship fit for any occasion and attire.

Each jewellery from ARTĒ resembles works-of-art, which expresses sensation and creativity. Each piece is unique in its own. With ARTĒ, the unique and fashionable character of each individual is fully revealed on any occasion. This is exactly the philosophy of ARTĒ.



Each iconic piece from ARTĒ is meticulously designed by renowned European jewellery designers and handcrafted by skilled pioneers that bring together conventional and innovative workmanship. As a century-old tradition, each work-of-art from ARTĒ is completely handcrafted by experienced craftsmen with exquisite sculpting and finishing skills.


Spring of Carisma



Inspired by a bouquet of flowers, the Carisma ring is accentuated with 22 synthetic stones in three different alluring colours: light pink, pink and kunzite. A floral-patterned ring band in rhodium-plated sterling silver adds true charisma and is ingeniously designed to custom fit any finger.


Gleam of Mermaid



Gleam of Mermaid – every cloud has a silver lining, the mermaid finds her way and she bravely moves forward. Under the sun, the scales on her tail glitter. She cheerfully sings while swimming, and elegantly sways her body just like dancing. The graceful splashes she made reflect sunlight shining like brilliants gems, it becomes a picturesque scene.

ARTĒ exquisitely blends modern craftsmanship and extraordinary design, portraying the grace, passion and faith of the mermaid. The collection features sterling silver and various gem settings to showcase the vivacity of the mermaids.


Tears of Mermaid



In ancient legends, pearls are said to be the tears of mermaids cried for their beloved human. They are the symbol of eternal purity. Tears of Mermaid Collection is adorned with freshwater pearls and white stones to write untainted love into haute jewelry design. Every pearl encrusts in it a mermaid’s teardrop of genuine love, sealing within the most memorable memory of a romance.