Meet the Team

SDRE Homebuyers is San Diego’s premier real estate investment group specializing in maximizing the potential value of any particular property. This is achieved via a combination of extensive research, experience, and planning. Our team has the winning combination of talent and drive to seek out and deliver “home run” properties to our investors and clients.

Christian Spicer
Founder & CEO
SDRE Homebuyers is led by Christian, who himself has over 15 years of San Diego real estate experience. Beginning from simple property management, Christian has built his business over the years by expanding his repertoire to include residential sales, property flips, and now includes full-fledged investor-based projects.
Rick Felsman
Director of Operations
Rick ties the team together as the operations manager and the glue that organizes the company together. He coordinates between the contractors, investors, and the rest of the team to ensure projects are completed in a timely manner, and works hard to proactively avoid hiccups and problems along the way.
Shane Katz
Director of Accounting & Finance
Shane is a pivotal figure in our financial success. With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment, they expertly manage all financial transactions, ensuring seamless cash flow. Implementing precise strategies for optimal stakeholder returns, Shane's strategic financial leadership propels us towards a prosperous future, driving sustained growth and prosperity.
Eileen Molloy
Director of Interior Design & Project Coordination
Eileen leads our in-house design and project coordination efforts, expertly helping guide projects from concept to securing vital city permits. Her unwavering attention to detail and visionary approach ensure a perfect harmony between style and the efficient progression of projects.
Jose Verdin
Director of Digital Design & IT
Jose, a versatile web design and IT expert, excels in creative problem-solving, delivering high-quality projects from user-friendly websites to troubleshooting printer issues. Passionate about technology, he stays ahead of industry trends and offers innovative solutions, making him an invaluable asset to our team.
Emily Jones
Director of Real Estate Acquisitions
Emily researches neighborhoods and market trends to best suit the housing needs for the people of San Diego. Her personable approach with each individual she comes into contact with makes every experience memorable.
Zach Ertzner
Staff Accountant
Meet Zach, our Staff Accountant and an aspiring MBA student. Skilled in financial management, Zach excels in keeping our accounts precise. When not balancing books, he's grooving to reggae tunes or broadening his expertise in business administration. Zach's blend of focus and passion for financial reports makes him a unique asset to our team.
Avery Evans
Administrative and Marketing Assistant
Avery Evans is a dedicated professional with a multifaceted skill set. Having an eye for graphic design, Avery excels in social media marketing, brand management, content creation and executive administrative tasks. Beyond work, she loves the outdoors: you can find her at the beach or in the mountains snowboarding. Overall, Avery is a valuable asset, fostering positive communication and promoting company success.
Matthew Bonnes
Director of Property Management
Matthew is a results-driven leader with a proven track record in the property management, real estate and construction industries. With expertise in managing multimillion-dollar portfolios, driving substantial revenue growth, and executing successful marketing strategies, he thrives in delivering high-impact management solutions and implementing effective business practices.
Blair Austin
Sales and Leasing Manager
Blair assists SDRE in all aspects of real estate transactions and dealings. His experience serves the team well by allowing us to coordinate and close deals faster, which in turn is better for our investors as well as the company.